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Harsh Sharma*

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Osteological studies of skull base neurovascular area in reference to infratemporal approach to skull basec

Original Article

Author Details : Harsh Sharma*

Volume : 4, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 89-93


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Surgical approaches to the lateral skull base often lead to tearing of vessels and piecemeal removal of the tumour. This study is aimed to delineate exact relationship of the various foramina at the lateral skull base. The coronal dimensions of the jugular foramina are larger as compared to sagittal with right sided dominance also noticed in the case of carotid canal. The width of “Keel” separating the carotid and jugular foramina normally varies from 0.4 to1.4 centimetres and may not always suggest the erosion of the foramen of skull base scans, unless the erosion is associated with irregularity or demineralization the thickness of this keel really depends upon relative size of the vessels and location of foramina. Area between stylomastoid foramen, carotid canal and jugular foramen is roughly wedge shaped. The angle subtended by carotid and jugular at the stylomastoid foramen is about 36.84whereas the location of stylomastoid foramen and internal carotid axis pose an angle of 83:16. The angle subtended by stylomastoid and jugular at carotid on an average 59:31. The space between these structures is measured to be 0.642centimetres which can be verified on tomograms. By using these measurements, the precise location of the upper end of the vessels could be predicted, whereas the superior stump could be clamped with minimal exposure of the skull base and identification and location of the last four cranial nerves is found out. This could avoid injuries and subsequent morbidity while carrying out surgery in this region.

Keywords: Fisch, skull, vagus

How to cite : Sharma H, Osteological studies of skull base neurovascular area in reference to infratemporal approach to skull basec. J Otorhinolaryngol Allied Sci 2021;4(3):89-93

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